These endorsements plus several more can be seen on my LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/francescabrava.

Dr. Paul Stockman, Francesca’s manager and current Head of Marketing, Linde Electronics:

Francesca has elevated our marketing and communications impact to a new level. In the past five years, she has taken on major initiatives to pivot our marketing strategy towards Asia, and to launch a new brand – both very well-received. Francesca brings a winning combination of attention to detail paired with big-picture thought leadership. And she enables the organizations for whom she works with her experience: I am successful today in my marketing role in large part because of what I have learned from Francesca.

Phil Levy, Francesca’s manager at eFunds and current Sr. Director, Payments at Silicon Valley Bank:

“Francesca is a very creative marketing professional with a strong understanding of business-to-business marketing programs. She is very diligent and delivers programs on-time while measuring and reporting results back to Sales channels and Management. Francesca is a team player and enjoyable to work with.”

Carlisha Brown Robinson, Francesca’s colleague at BMC Software and current Elite Product Management Executive:

“If you are looking for an energetic and creative mind to take your marketing programs to the next level, then Francesca is your lady. In working with her during one of the most shaping times for the Product Management and Marketing organization within the company, Francesca exuded the essential characteristics and “get it done right” work attitude that made her results both on target and on time.
Being able to collaborate effectively with many facets of the organization from engineering, field sales and consultants, and marketing was a strong point for her and thus made her a great part of the larger team that achieved bottom line growth for the business. To her future employer – boy are you lucky!”

Julie Fergerson, VP at eFunds where Francesca worked, and current SVP, Industry Solutions at Ethoca Limited:

“Francesca is an exceptional writer and is very creative. She could crank out good content very quickly. She could also turn my content into a very polished piece of work quickly.”

Dana Noeske, Francesca’s colleague at Lucent Technologies and current Director, Marketing Analytics:

“I worked with Francesca on numerous projects and was always amazed by her passion, her intimate knowledge of the product and market requirements, and the ability to create and communicate the exact message necessary. Her work ethic was exemplary, and I can not emphasize enough what a pleasure it was to work with her. Her enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge were invaluable — both to me personally and to the company. I would wholeheartedly endorse Francesca on both a professional and personal level.”

Matt Habich, Francesca’s colleague at BMC Software and current Management Lecturer at CSU (San Bernadino) and Facilitator at Executive Leadership Network:

“Francesca and I worked closely at BMC Software, where we were both senior-level product marketing professionals. Francesca is a VERY talented writer and marketer.”

Laura Beck, former Executive VP at Porter Novelli, which Francesca consulted with, and current CEO at Too Short Industries:

“Francesca is a joy to work with! A very professional and intelligent client who immediately becomes a true partner to the vendor (in this case, us, a PR agency). Francesca worked hand in hand with us to help ensure we all were successful, she provided all the information we needed, and helped make things happen. She was encouraging and recognized and appreciated our good work, was always firm, but fair. This kind of approach is so appreciated by agency people and it fostered a long term relationship for us at PN Austin with Francesca. We would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Ron Stone, Francesca’s colleague at BMC Software and current Principal Consultant at Technology Launching:

“Francesca has a great feel for her customers and provides marketing deliverable that hit the profile of her target segment. From collateral to launch campaigns, Francesca’s strong customer orientation and dedication to schedule and quality allowed her to complete her plans attaining high customer satisfaction and sound results. I strongly recommend her for complete and high quality marketing programs and collateral.”

David Hillstrom, President of Infolane and Francesca’s colleague on several joint projects:

“Francesca is an excellent candidate for a wide range of marketing communications tasks, ranging from strategic planning to press release, Web, social media, and marketing collateral copy writing. She is highly detail oriented and keeps to a strict schedule.”

Linda Roach, VP of Marketing, Planview, who hired Francesca to do work:

It truly was a pleasure working with Francesca. She raised the level of Planview content and produced a lot of materials that have helped us tremendously in the time she was on board. I appreciated her counsel and willingness to jump in and help out where we needed her.”

Cindy Phillips, Francesca’s colleague at BMC Software and current CEO at BizDevSherpa:

“Francesca is the person you want when you have too much work, too little staff, and need someone that can fly without supervision. She has an exquisite eye for detail and knows where to put her effort for maximum results.”

Anshul Sarda, Vice President, Electronic Materials, Linde:

I had the pleasure of working with Francesca for the past two years. She was instrumental in developing the LLH ESG media and branding campaign. She has impressed me with her impeccable event organizational skills, clarity of thought process and her ability to garner key opinion leaders from all wakes of electronic industry. An exceptional individual contributor, Francesca has meticulous skill set to navigate through complex matrix structures and getting the job done.

Christina Zhao, Account Manager, Hoffman China:

Francesca is the most professional client I’ve ever worked with. She is also the client our team loves working with the most. We’ve successfully completed some big PR campaigns in 2018, including several trade shows, media interviews, gatherings and a media tour in China. She is very organized and passionate about her work and smart to handle all kinds of difficult situations under pressure. Francesca is also a details oriented client with very clear briefs at each time. She exactly understood what was prioritized and never missed the deadlines. We’ve learnt a lot from her, not limited to how to plan a good event as well as how to communicate internally.

Nishi Kumar, Francesca’s colleague at eFunds and current Director of Product Security at FICO:

“Francesca is very professional, bright and intelligent. I had an opportunity to work with her in eFunds. Her talent and inter-personal skill always impressed me. She is an asset for any organization.”

Kevin Kessler, Francesca’s colleague at eFunds and current Sr. Technical Writer at EXTEN Technologies:

“I worked with Francesca at eFunds during a time when I was responsible for maintaining the company’s websites. Francesca coordinated marketing materials for two established products, as well as a new product that was just going to market. In support of these products, Francesca created high-quality marketing collateral and coordinated online marketing events that, judging from the number of user registrations that we received, got results. A solid professional, Francesca is easy to work with and a fine writer.”

Jody Alt, Sales Manager, Electronics Bulk and ECOVAR, Linde:

I started working with Francesca about 3 years during our time with The Linde Group’s global electronics team. I watched her take our marketing to new heights. She is extremely knowledgeable about the electronics industry, and her hard work and professionalism will impress you. I also enjoyed her training about how to communicate with external parties and how to present to an audience. During the course of my work, I still refer back to many of the concepts that she taught.