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Stay on Message

When you’re talking to prospects, customers, the press, colleagues, or any stakeholder, it is important to STAY ON MESSAGE. What does that mean? Don’t let yourself get sidetracked; make sure you get your message across.

I learned this years ago when Texas Instruments sent me to media training in advance of my stint as Technology Spokesperson. TI had an impressive television studio in their Dallas headquarters and we were put through the paces. I learned some of the tricks that television and radio personalities use to get the answers they want. These include asking or saying the following:

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Should You Issue a New Press Release?

There are lots of sites that allow you to publish a press release for little or no cost. So why not just send out press releases about anything? Any publicity is good publicity…right? The answer is not really.

Angry boy from FreeDigitalPhotos.netRemember the story of the boy who cried “WOLF!” over and over and people finally started ignoring him because there was no wolf? When he actually DID see a wolf and cried “WOLF!” he was ignored because people thought he was just seeking attention without substance. It’s like that if you publish too many press releases that have little to no substance. You dilute your opportunities to get coverage and pretty soon your press releases are ignored.


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Press Release Writing for Smarties

Having written hundreds of press releases over the years, I’ve developed a simple outline for how to lay out a press release. I’m sure other people have their own way of doing it. Here’s mine.Daily News

  • Headline that Grabs the Reader – So many press release headlines are BORING and the article is never read. Draw the reader in with a catchy title. Here are titles I concocted for two press releases I wrote for Javelin Strategy & Research. Both are evocative and make the reader want to read more.

“Consumers Play the Blame Game on Data Breaches”

“Android Adoption Skyrockets to 27% of Smartphone Market” (more…)