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How to Best Spend Limited Marketing Dollars

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Perhaps you have a small business with a killer product or service and you’re just starting to do marketing. Or perhaps you are feeling the pinch of the economy, but are savvy enough to understand that if you don’t market what you have, no one will know about or buy it. Either way, your marketing dollars are limited. So where do you start? What’s the best way to spend your limited marketing dollars?

I recommend starting with your website. It doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t have to pay a web designer thousands of bucks to have a really cool site.

Look what I just did with this site. I previously had another site, but wanted something different — something I could incorporate my love of writing/blogging into.

I built this site on the WordPress platform and it took very little time to get it up and running. Because it is built on a blogging platform, there are limitations. But it is FREE and there is no monthly hosting cost. The only thing I needed was a domain name, which costs $10 or less a year. Cheap.

Perhaps you already have a website. Then you need content.

It’s important to have good information about what you offer and to make sure the information is well-written. Even if you have a really good writer at your company, pay a marketing writer to at least check over the site for errors. You’d be surprised at how many companies (even large ones) have spelling and other errors on their web pages.

There’s a saying “Content is king” and I agree. Not only do you need good web copy, but you need good documents on your website. These can be a brochure, datasheet, article, white paper, solution brief, customer case study — anything that gives prospects information about your business that will pique their interest and hopefully help turn them into customers. If you’re a technology company, a product manager may be able to do a first rough cut on a datasheet, but hire a marketing pro to do the formatting and final polish. A good marketing person will craft targeted messaging and create a compelling piece that encompasses the hardcore technical details.

Once you have a website that conveys information about who you are, what you do, and how to contact you and you have good content to go on the website, you just start sending out that link to prospects and current customers. Include it on your email signature, business cards (if you still use them) — everywhere. Keep your information on your website updated and continue to add new content. You want to keep them coming back again and again and again.

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