Experienced in product marketing and marketing communications

Francesca Brava Aug 31 2019

I am passionate about working with organizations to position themselves as industry thought leaders, increase sales opportunities, and provide tools and programs to help them further their reach in the market. I do this by drawing from a broad and deep experience in marketing and business, by pushing the boundaries of what companies have always done and are comfortable with, and through a commitment to excellence.

I can support you by:

  • Serving as your marketing director (part-time or more)
  • Creating and executing marketing plans (domestic and global)
  • Launching new products or programs
  • Organizing and implementing events and tradeshows
  • Managing your communications and public relations
  • Writing and crafting branding and messaging and marketing collateral such as articles, case studies, presentations, press releases, white papers, datasheets, and videos
  • Authoring and overseeing websites and Intranet sites

What can you expect from working with me?

  • I learn your business and technology quickly, no matter what the subject matter is.
  • I get the work done efficiently, on time, and with excellence. 
  • I am dependable, creative, and easy to work with.
  • Earning and keeping your trust is important to me.

To explore how I could help you, contact me at francesca@francescabrava.com.

I invite you to check out examples of my work and recommendations of my work.